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"What an amazing invention this is. Since the purchase of this attachment, the water sprays out of the tap with great force, I hardly need my brush over the plates anymore! I have just ordered another one for the bathroom!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Sara M. 


The Powertap™ is only available online for the lowest price.


Your Powertap™ will be delivered to your home free of charge.


Improve your tap experience while saving water and money!

Improve Your Life

Suitable for any (type of) faucet

PowerTap provides you with the perfect multi-tasking tool. Use your entire sink, fill large buckets, easily wash your face or drink directly from the tap. The choice is yours.

A normal faucet cannot reach all corners of your sink. With the Powertap you will never have a sink with dirt and food residues again. 

Choose one of the positions that best suits your job. The eco jet is good for washing hands and cleaning the sink. The power jet is useful for stubborn dirt and food scraps, and ensures thorough cleaning of fruit and vegetables.  


Versatile faucet

First 720° rotatable tap

A host of new possibilities - The Powertap 720° is easy to install by simply unscrewing the current crane and turning the new one on top of it. 

Save gallons of water per week - Thanks to PowerTap™'s special technology, this faucet uses up to 35% less water, but has a water jet that's up to 60% more powerful.

Switch between the Turbo jet and Eco jet - The PowerTap™ allows you to switch between the Power jet and Eco jet in a literal instant. The Power jet lends itself well to cleaning extremely dirty objects. Plates, cutlery and glasses are clean in no time!

How does it work?

1. Order safely online

Order the PowerTap™ online here! (available exclusively from us, and now with a 60% discount!)

2. Fast shipping

The PowerTap™ will be delivered to your home quickly and FREE of charge, ordered today = SEND DAY!

3. Easily assemble yourself

Simply install the PowerTap™ on your desired faucet, the PowerTap™ fits all faucets!

4. Place in your kitchen

Turn the head of the PowerTap™ to switch between the powerful Power jet and the durable Eco jet.


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Can I fit the PowerTap™ on any faucet?

The PowerTap™ is specifically designed to work on all bathroom and kitchen faucets, so it’s a versatile solution for any room with a tap!

How do I install the Powertap™?

We provide clear instructions with every order, but all you need to do is remove the current faucet attachment, and replace it with the new PowerTap ™ attachment. It’s that easy.

Is PowerTap™ easy to clean?

All you need to keep your PowerTap ™ shiny and fresh is use a household cloth with your usual cleaning products – and occasionally some limescale removal and prevention products to prevent buildup.

Does the PowerTap™ rust?

PowerTap ™ is made of stainless steel – so it cannot rust. It’ll last as long as you need it!

re there multiple settings for the PowerTap™?

There are two settings available for the PowerTap ™: eco and power. Eco is the gentler mode, while power is more powerful – as the name suggests.

Can I return the PowerTap™ if it doesn’t work for me?

We offer a 30-day return policy on every PowerTap we sell, so if our product isn’t quite right for you, you can return it for a full refund within this time.


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